General Information & Restrictions

Training Requirements
The insurer issuing the portable electronics insurance either directly supervises or appoints a supervising entity to supervise the administration of the program, including development of a training program for employees and authorized representatives of the vendor.

Only authorized representatives or employees of the vendor who have received training on the insurance product may offer or sell insurance.

Training Before Selling
Before employees are eligible to offer or sell insurance products, they must receive training on the protection afforded under the policy to include, but not limited to, basic instruction about the portable electronics insurance offered and the disclosures required under Section 38-97-40. Portable electronics vendors must retain all records of training provided to employees regarding insurance products and maintain those records for a minimum of five years. Training records must be made available immediately upon request for inspection by the department.

The portable electronics vendor and appointing entity will be held liable for any acts and/or omissions of individuals offering or selling insurance products to consumers.