The SCDOI is dedicated to keeping the public informed on how COVID-19 impacts consumers and insurance companies. 

Visit our dedicated COVID-19 page for the latest information from the insurance industry concerning the virus. 

For safety precautions and news about the spread of COVID-19 in South Carolina, please visit SCDHEC.

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    Consumer Alert: Insurance Policy Limits and Keeping Up with Increasing Construction Costs

    The South Carolina Department of Insurance (SCDOI) is reminding home and property owners to review your insurance coverage limits due to increasing repair and replacement construction costs. Additional Info...
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    Gov. McMaster, Supt. Spearman, & Dir. Farmer Announce $24.54M Investment

    The second round of Volkswagen Settlement Funds to be used for the purchasing of 235 new school buses and three public transit buses. Read on...
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    SCDOI Launches Drive Smart Campaign, Challenges South Carolinians to Drive Distraction-Free

    The SCDOI announces the Drive Smart campaign. This public awareness effort is challenging South Carolinians to drive without distractions. Additional Info...
  4. Important Notice

    Notice of A Filing and Corrective Action Order

    In the matter of: Application of the National Council on Compensation Insurance, Inc. for a revision in their Workers’ Compensation Program Loss Costs, and Corrective Action Order Additional Info...
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    Corrective Action Order 2021-01

    In the Matter of: Self-Funded Rates for the Workers’ Compensation Assigned Risk Plan Additional Info...
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    Consumer Alert: COVID-19 Vaccinations Should Be Provided at No Cost to the Consumer

    The SCDOI would like to remind consumers that you should not be charged for a COVID-19 vaccine or for the vaccine’s administration, regardless of health insurance status. Read on...
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    Consumer Fraud Alert

    We've recently received reports of organizations trying to obtain personal information by masquerading as licensed insurance professionals selling final expense coverage or burial insurance. Do not share personal information with telemarketers. Additional Info...
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    Bulletin 2021-01 Transitional Policy Extension

    Bulletin Number 2021-01, Addendum H to Bulletin 2013-12, has been issued to adopt the latest federal extension of the transitional policy (now referred to as the non-enforcement policy) through Calendar Year 2022. Additional Info...
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    FAQs: Auto Insurance Blog

    Here at the SCDOI, we get a fair amount of questions surrounding auto insurance. We will address some of the main ones we get in this blog post. Additional Info...
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    Bulletin 2020-11: New Guaranty Association Notice Requirement

    Bulletin 2020-11 notifies members of the SCLAHIGA of a new requirement to issue a consumer notice describing the coverages, exclusions and limitations of the coverage provided by the SCLAHIGA. Read on...
  11. sic-south-carolina

    SCWHUA Renewal of Expansion

    This regards the renewal of the Jan. 7, 2019 expansion of the South Carolina Wind and Hail Underwriting Association (SCWHUA) territory. Additional Info...
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    Urgent Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) License Application Deadline is Tuesday December 1, 2020

    This notice serves as an urgent reminder to companies offering PBM services in South Carolina. Additional Info...
  13. distracted drivers are 90% more likely to crash.

    Just Drive Video

    Distracted driving causes 20,000 accidents each year in S.C. Director Farmer urges drivers to put the phone down when behind the wheel and just drive. Additional Info...
  14. Heart and medical card.

    Order Number 2020-05 Retroactive Accident and Health Insurance

    Retroactive accident and health insurance in conjunction with loans for 2021. Read on...
  15. Hand under a drawing of a house in a bubble.

    Order Number 2020-04 Rates for Credit Property Insurance

    Rates for Credit Property Insurance Sold in Conjunction with Loans Subject to 1966 S.C. Act No. 988. Read on...
  16. Man uses blood pressure cuff.

    Order Number 2020-03 Rates for Credit Accident and Health Insurance

    Rates for credit accident and health insurance sold in conjunction with consumer credit transactions subject to the South Carolina Consumer Protection Code other than loans made under 1966 S.C. Act No. 988. Read on...
  17. Close  up image of a $100 bill.

    Order Number 2020-02: Mandating Electronic Payment Options

    This order pertains to the matter of mandating electronic payment options to access insurance coverage or insurance services. Read on...
  18. Click here to learn about the memorandum for all insurers licensed to transact accident and health i

    Video: 5 Common Life Insurance Questions

    In this video, Kayla Baker, Manager of the Office of Consumer Services answers the 5 most common questions the SCDOI gets from consumers when it comes to life insurance. Read on...
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    S.C. Private Flood Insurance Act Enacted

    Governor Henry McMaster signed the South Carolina Private Flood Insurance Act into law (S. 882). Read on...
  20. https___blogs-images.forbes.com_timmaurer_files_2016_01_Life-Insurance

    Common Life Insurance Questions

    It is National Life Insurance Awareness month, so we've tackled several questions that consumers often have around life insurance. Read on
  21. Hand holding an image of three people to symbolize security.

    Bulletin Number 2020-03A - Modification to Temporary Licensing

    This is for all insurers, producers, surplus lines brokers, bail bondsmen, and other licensed or authorized persons transacting the business of insurance in South Carolina. Read on...
  22. Image of Pharmacy Prescription and Medication

    Bulletin 2020-10 PBM License Application Timeline and Instruction

    This document contains the Pharmacy Benefit Manager application timeline and instructions. Read on...
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    Be Aware of COVID-19 Scams

    Unfortunately, in times of crisis there are people out there that take advantage of the situation and work to profit through scams. Here is what you need to know. Read on...
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    Isaias Storm Recovery Information

    What you need to know: How to recover from Storm Isaias.
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    Bulletin 2020-06 SC Safe Home Program

    The SCDOI administers the SC Safe Home Mitigation Grant Program. Read on...
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    Insurance Coverage for Losses Caused by Riots, Civil Commotion and Vandalism

    The South Carolina Department of Insurance (SCDOI) would like to provide consumers and business owners with information on insurance coverage for losses caused by riots, civil commotion and vandalism. Read on...
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    2020 Reporting Instructions for Sample Premiums Data Call

    To: All Insurers Writing Private Passenger Automobile Insurance or Homeowners Insurance Coverage in South Carolina Subject: 2020 Private Passenger Automobile and Homeowners Insurance Sample Rates Pursuant to Bulletin 2013-02 Read on...
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    Bulletin Number 2020-05

    Complying with Regulatory Requirements During the 2019 Novel Coronavirus Public Health Emergency Read on...
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    Bulletin Number 2020-04

    To all licensees of the South Carolina Department of Insurance, including guaranty fund associations, surplus lines insurers and other persons registered or authorized to operate pursuant to the insurance laws of this state. Read on...
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    April Severe Weather Data Call Notice

    This notice is issued to all companies licensed or authorized to write property & casualty insurance in South Carolina to provide guidance on reporting requirements relating to the impact of severe weather which occurred April 12th & 13th in our state. Read on...
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    The SCDOI's Response to COVID-19

    The South Carolina Department of Insurance (SCDOI) is working closely with the health insurance industry to ensure South Carolinians have access to testing and related treatment when it comes to COVID-19, better known as the Coronavirus. Read on...
  32. Click here to learn about the memorandum for all insurers licensed to transact accident and health i

    BULLETIN NUMBER 2020-01 Addendum G to Bulletin 2013-12 Transitional Policy Extension

    BULLETIN NUMBER 2020-01 Addendum G to Bulletin 2013-12 has been issued to Address the Federal Extension of the Transitional Policy through Calendar Year 2021. Click here to read the entire Bulletin.
  33. Click here to learn about the memorandum for all insurers licensed to transact accident and health i

    Network Adequacy Standards - Annual Certifications Due February 1st

    Memorandum to all insurers licensed to transact accident and health insurance business within the state of South Carolina and all South Carolina licensed health maintenance organizations. Read on...