Title 38, Chapter 43 of the South Carolina Code of Laws defines the regulations and requirements for producer appointments.

All appointments must be submitted by the appointing insurance company; not the licensee. Appointments cannot be requested until an active South Carolina producer license is in place. Appointment filing fees are non-refundable. The insurance company must submit appointments electronically through NIPR.

Appointment Renewal

Producer appointments, including those for limited lines producers, renew in September of even-numbered years. The renewal fee is the same as the appointment fee.

View our Appointment Renewal Memo to read more information about the appointment renewal process, producer compliance requirements, payment of reappointment fees, etc.

Appointment Fees

  • General - $100

    - "General appointment" means an appointment of a person who, as a representative of an insurer or insurers, is vested with authority to supervise producers and to exercise this management authority as is delegated to him by the principal. A producer appointed as a general also may perform the duties of a producer who holds a local or special appointment.
  • Local - $40

    - "Local appointment" means an appointment of a producer who has been authorized by an insurer to sell, solicit, or negotiate policies on an insurer's behalf.
  • Travel Accident and Baggage - $20

Appointment Termination

The insurer must cancel appointments electronically through NIPR. Appointment Form 3505