Will expanding the wind pool save me money?
Some consumers whose coverage is currently written by a surplus lines carrier may see a reduction in what they are paying for property insurance coverage if they obtain coverage through the wind pool. The cost of coverage may increase for others if it is written by a standard carrier and the wind coverage is excluded.

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1. What is happening?
2. When is the expansion effective?
3. What does this mean?
4. What is the new area?
5. Will this expansion solve the coastal property insurance crisis?
6. How can I obtain insurance through the wind pool?
7. Will expanding the wind pool save me money?
8. Am I eligible for coverage as a part of the expansion?
9. How was the expansion area determined?
10. Who should I contact if I want more information about coverage offered through the wind pool?
11. What if I don't want to be in the wind pool?
12. Can you explain wind pool rates?