What tax credits are available for fortification measures?
Learn about the two income tax credits available.

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1. What tax credits are available for fortification measures?
2. Can the tax credits be claimed for new construction?
3. Is there a list of items or projects that are approved and qualify for the tax credit?
4. What documentation is needed to claim the tax credits?
5. How does a homeowner claim the tax credits?
6. Where can I get the form to claim the tax credits?
7. I completed my fortification project in 2007 and have already filed my taxes. Can I claim the tax credit? If so, how?
8. I plan to complete several approved fortification projects in the next few years. Will I be able to apply for the tax credit each year for the fortification measures I have made during that year?
9. Do SC Safe Home grant projects automatically qualify as approved fortification projects for purposes of being eligible for the tax credit?
10. Can projects that are not part of the SC Safe Home Grant Program qualify for tax credits?
11. If a homeowner received an SC Safe Home grant and the grant is not required to be included in the homeowner’s income tax return, can the homeowner claim the tax credits for the grant money spent?
12. My question was not answered in the above. Who should I contact for assistance?