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1. How do I search the status of my license, print my license, or find my license number?
2. How do I request letters of clearance or certification?
3. What is your mailing address?
4. What is your physical address for personal or overnight delivery?
5. What is your fax number?
6. What is your email address?
7. What is the turn-around time for paperwork submitted to the Department?
8. How do I change my address?
9. How do I change the name on the entity's license?
10. How much are the license fees?
11. When do the licenses renew?
12. How do I cancel my license?
13. What are the basic requirements for obtaining a resident entity license?
14. What are the basic requirements for obtaining a nonresident entity license?
15. How do I add a new line of authority to an existing license?
16. How do I transfer from a resident to a nonresident license?
17. How do I transfer from a nonresident to a resident license?
18. Are appointments required for an entity license?
19. Can an entity pay a finder's or referral fee to an unlicensed individual?
20. How can I obtain a copy of an entity file?
21. How many affiliated or designated responsible licensed producers (DRLP) are required to maintain an entity license?