SC Department of Insurance ORI for bondsman license: SC920040Z

Applicants have two easy ways to register and pay for fingerprint processing with IdentoGo

Online Registration

  • Go to
  • Search by ZIP code or State
  • Enter required information by selecting your agency (Department of Insurance), applicant type (bondsman), and entering the ORI number (SC920040Z).
  • Determine which type of license you are applying for (professional, surety, or runner bondsman).
  • Pay the fingerprinting fee.

Call Center Registration

  •  Call (866) 254-2366
  •  Have your agency information or ORI number.
  •  Representative will collect the required information and complete your registration. 
Once you have submitted your fingerprints through IdentoGO, the results will be submitted electronically to the SC DOI. The SC DOI no longer provides fingerprint cards. Do not mail completed fingerprint cards to this Department. We do not accept fingerprint results from other vendors. You must get the fingerprints scanned through IdentoGO.

Fingerprints will be used to check the criminal history records of the FBI. Each applicant has an opportunity to complete, change, update, or challenge the accuracy of the information contained in the FBI identification records set forth in Title 28, CFR 16.34 (

Please read the forms below prior to being fingerprinted: