Certified Reinsurers

In order to be eligible as a certified reinsurer in South Carolina, an assuming insurer must meet the following requirements:

  • Domiciled and licensed as an insurer or reinsurer in a “qualified jurisdiction”
  • Maintain minimum capital and surplus of no less than $250,000,000
  • Maintain financial strength ratings from two or more rating agencies deemed acceptable to the Commissioner
  • Agree to submit to the jurisdiction of South Carolina
  • Submit financial information for regulatory review
  • Satisfy other requirements established by the Commissioner

If you would like to provide comments regarding the application for status as a certified reinsurer listed herein you may email your comments to fnclmail@doi.sc.gov.

Hannover Ruck SE - renewal for 2021

Watford Re Ltd - new application

Arch Reinsurance Ltd. - new application

Uniform Application Checklist for Certified Reinsurers


Currently approved

Federal/Alien IDCertified ReinsurersDomiciliary JurisdictionDuration of CertificationRatingLines of Business Certified to Reinsurer
AA-1340125Hannover Rück SEGermanyJanuary 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020Secure 2Life, Annuities, Accident/Health, Property/Casualty