Distracted Driving

There are so many things in life that are great. But texting about it can wait!

Start sober. Don't get behind the wheel while impaired — whether it's due to exhaustion, medicine, alcohol or recreational drugs. Drunk/impaired drivers are responsible for approximately 10,000 fatalities a year.

Before the car moves:

  • Plan your route, and set your map or navigation technology before you depart. Don't touch it again until after reaching your destination.
  • Pick your tunes, podcast, station or playlist, and set at a volume that allows you to focus on your driving.
  • Put away your phone, other devices, food, make-up or anything else that might tempt you to take your hands off the wheel.
  • BUCKLE UP. Everyone. Unrestrained (unbuckled) occupants make up nearly half of those killed in accidents.

While on the road:

  • Obey speed limits, and keep your eyes on the road.
  • Ask passengers to help you stay focused on everybody's safety. Passengers (especially teens), speak up if the driver gets distracted or drives unsafely.
  • Parents, your children will learn from your behavior. Be the driver you want them to be.

Driving Stats

Don't text and drive interview with Director Ray Farmer and iHeart Media Radio Host, Kelly Nash.

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Distracted Driving
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