Property & Casualty Data Calls (

This web page provides information and resources for
P&C insurers relative to ongoing data calls.

Liability Data Call

Submissions Due 7/3/2023

All authorized property and casualty insurance companies, including licensed insurers and eligible surplus lines insurers, must submit data related to certain liability insurance coverages to the Department using an Excel template.  Excel files of completed reports should be submitted via email to  

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NAIC Terrorism Risk Insurance Data Call:

State/Treasury Joint Reporting Template Due 5/15/2021


Beginning in 2016, insurance regulators in all states and the District of Columbia agreed to participate in a data call to collect information related to terrorism risk insurance to serve important regulatory objectives such as monitoring the affordability and availability of insurance coverage for acts of terrorism and assessing insurers' financial exposure to terrorism risk.  Prior to 2018, the States and the United States Department of the Treasury collected data individually concerning terrorism risk insurance.  Beginning in 2018, Treasury and the States took a consolidated approach designed to permit companies subject to both data calls to submit the same information to Treasury and the States using the Joint Reporting Template.  Companies will also submit more granular data on property exposures to the States using the State Property Supplement.  
The New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) will serve as a single point of collection for the State Property Supplement. Pursuant to SC Code Sections 38-13-160 and 38-55-75, the South Carolina Department of Insurance (SCDOI) is directing insurers subject to this data call to submit terrorism insurance data directly to the NYDFS.  The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) will aggregate and analyze the information collected as well as undertake any other related tasks as directed. Submissions will be treated as confidential.  Technical questions or exemption requests should be referred to

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 Sample Premiums Data Call for Private Passenger Automobile and Homeowners Insurance Coverage:

Reports Due 7/15/2021 for Rates Effective 6/1/2021 

P&C insurers who write new private passenger automobile property and casualty insurance (personal auto) or homeowners property and casualty insurance (residential property) and meet one of the following criteria will be required to submit certain information to the Department on an annual basis:

  • The insurer is in one of the top 25 national groups based on personal auto direct written premiums and has more than $1 million in personal auto direct written premiums in South Carolina, or
  • The insurer is in one of the top 25 national groups based on homeowners direct written premiums and has more than $1 million in homeowners direct written premiums in South Carolina.

All other P&C insurers have the option to report the requested information and are encouraged to participate.

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Wind Pool Data Call:

Reports Due on a Quarterly Basis (Due 30th Day After End of Quarter)

Email reports to


The Department has an ongoing data call that collects information to monitor the status of the property insurance market in the Wind Pool Territory.  P&C insurers who actively wrote more than $1 million in premium for personal and/or commercial lines in the state in the previous calendar year must submit data on a quarterly basis by the 30th day following the end of each calendar quarter to

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FAQs for Insurers

Market Conduct Annual Statement (MCAS):

Filings Due on an Annual Basis by April 30th 

The MCAS provides regulators with market conduct information not otherwise available for their market analysis initiatives. The MCAS collects data on a state-specific, industry wide basis. All licensed insurers that write at least $50,000 in premiums in a line of business subject to MCAS reporting must participate. The goal of the MCAS project is to provide a uniform system of collecting market-related information to help state insurance regulators monitor the market conduct of companies.  Instructions, data collection worksheets, FAQs and related material is available on the NAIC's MCAS websites provided below.

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