Coastal Insurance

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Shop Around

The Department recommends that all consumers shop around to see if there is another carrier with a more competitive rate.  To assist consumers in this process, the Department created a Price Comparison Tool to provide price estimates from multiple insurance companies operating in South Carolina.  The Department also developed its SC MarketAssist service to help connect consumers with local agents and companies.  

South Carolina Wind and Hail Underwriting Association
This is the residual property insurance market in South Carolina.  It provides coverage for the perils of wind and hail in coastal areas as defined by state law and is sometimes referred to as the Beach Plan or Wind Pool.  This association of insurance companies makes wind and hail property insurance coverage available to consumers in the coastal area who are unable to buy it through the standard insurance market.  Additional information can be found in the annual coastal property reports at the bottom of this webpage or by visiting the Association's website.  

Catastrophe Modeling
A catastrophe model is a computer program that simulates devastating events such as hurricanes and earthquakes in order to predict their potential impact.  Insurance companies use the output from these models to help determine premiums.  To learn more, visit the Department's catastrophe modeling webpage.  

Recent Reports
2018 Status of the South Carolina Coastal Property Insurance Market (1/22/2019)
2017 Status of the South Carolina Coastal Property Insurance Market (1/30/2018)
2016 Status of the South Carolina Coastal Property Insurance Market (1/31/2017)
Report on the Feasibility of Developing a South Carolina Hurricane Model (12/31/2014)