Retrieving Copies of Rate, Rule and Form Filings

Filings are available electronically upon the completion
of the Department's review.  

View Filings Online by Clicking Here

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In an effort to make public records more easily accessible to the public, we are pleased to provide you with a no-cost, Internet-based solution for viewing public insurance company rate, rule and form filings from anywhere at any time. Simply click here, select the blue "Begin Search" button at the top of the page, click "Accept" once you've reviewed the User Agreement, then enter your search criteria.  

Once you've identified a filing of interest, you can review individual attachments that are included within the filing.  You may also download multiple attachments along with a PDF of the filing summary materials by selecting your preferred attachments and then clicking the "Download Zip File" button at the bottom of the page. (Note: You must select the individual attachments you wish to download for these attachments to be included in the zipped file.)

If you are having trouble finding a filing, email us for assistance.*

Please note that there may be a cost associated for filings that must be retrieved from archives. This information will be provided to you in advance.