SC Code Law for Bondsmen is Title 38, Chapter 53.

All notices are sent via email. Go to to keep your current email on file. 


Initial Application

  • You will need to complete a 30-hour Pre-Licensing Course for Bail Bondsmen. Please contact the sponsors to find the locations and times for the classes.
  • Pass the Bondsman test. You may set that up through PSI
  • Once the passing test score has been uploaded to our system, you will need to apply on NIPR for a new license.
  • Contact IdentoGo to get your fingerprints taken. Bondsman ORI is SC920040Z.
  • Complete this Additional Questionnaire and email to Specialty Licensing. 

Renewal Application

Renewal Period: April 1 to June 30 annually
Here is a Navigation tool for applying through NIPR.


Court Forms

​Insurance Forms

  • Surety Bondsman affidavit to Proposed Insurer
  • Former Insurer affidavit to Proposed Insurer - no outstanding
  • Former Insurer affidavit to Proposed Insurer - outstanding

Miscellaneous Forms

Insurance Company

This is a list of insurance companies that underwrite bail bonds in the state of South Carolina.