Forming a Captive

Before Licensing
Before any licensing documentation is submitted to the department, an initial meeting should be arranged to discuss the proposed captive and to obtain detailed information about the licensing process. An executive summary detailing the plan of operation for the captive should be presented to the department at least three days prior to the initial meeting.  

The meetings for all captives, except for special purpose financial captives, should be arranged by emailing Jeff Kehler, Program Manager of ARTS or call him directly at 803-737-6118. The meetings for special purpose financial captives (SPFC) should be arranged by emailing Leslie Jones, Deputy Director of Actuarial Services. You may also reach Mrs. Jones by calling her directly at 843-577-3413.

If the department accepts the proposed plan of operation, a petition for a certificate of general good should be submitted to the department. Upon receipt of the certificate of general good, the captive must be incorporated by the South Carolina Secretary of State.

Finally, after the captive is incorporated, the licensing process can begin.