Continuing Education Compliance Requirements

  • Resident producers subject to a continuing education (CE) requirement may comply by earning 24 credit hours in each two-year period ending with the producer's month and year of birth. Producers born in an even numbered year must comply by the end of the birth month in even numbered years. Producers born in an odd numbered year must comply by the end of the birth month in odd numbered years.
  • Non-resident agents may comply by meeting the requirements of their home state.
  • Resident agents must pay an annual $7.50 CE fee. Agents will not be compliant unless the fee is paid for both years of a biennium.
  • All South Carolina licensed resident insurance producers should first check the approved continuing education course list on Prometric's website or contact Prometric at 800-490-6551 before taking a CE course. Courses taken from an unapproved sponsor or instructor will be declined.
  • In accordance with South Carolina Code Ann. Section 38-43-106(A)(4) "A producer may repeat a continuing education course, but credit must not be given more than once for a course repeated during a biennial compliance period."